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What You Need to Know About Pretty Rolls™ Luxury Smoking Cones

Updated: Jan 26, 2022

It can be frustrating rolling a joint for some who love to smoke the plant. There's the proper amount of paper, enough weed, and twisty-twisty techniques. If all of that is doing the most, you need not wait any longer to roll your own J.

Dallas, Texas-based Pretty Rolls™ pre-rolled smoking cones stepped in the #THC2021 convention to reinvent your smoking experience. And that they did!

We found out these luxurious cones are the perfect accessory to every pretty puffer's smoking session.

What are Smoking Cones?

One popular way to use the plant is to roll it on paper for smoking. Rolling papers are sheets filled with cannabis or other herbs and moved into a cigarette. Papers are often designed for smoking tobacco, however, they're often used to smoke the good-good instead.

Smoking cones, or pre-rolled cones, are a rolling paper alternative that uses a sheet of rolling paper and is supported by a crutch. They are suited to make the rolling process less difficult even for inexperienced smokers.

Filling one with your preferred herb is simply a case of stuffing it full before twisting one end off.

Pretty Rolls

What Makes Pretty Rolls™ Pre-rolled Cones So Special?

To start, they are ultimately a healthier smoking option for puffers who prefer a natural approach to cannabis smoking. Pretty Rolls™ are made from rice paper. Unlike other papers, rice paper is thinner, which means a more even burn.

Hence, you're less likely to experience "running" or "canoeing" - when one side of your joint burns faster than the other.

Plus, I find my herb tastes better without unpleasant aftertastes when I use Pretty Rolls™'s delicate rolling papers.

Third, Pretty Rolls™ is designed for a slow, easy draw that doesn't burn your throat or lungs with too much smoke. Meaning, you don't have to inhale as much paper since little material is used for a leaf.

Add to that Pretty Rolls™ are made with natural dye, which gives them their pretty pink color, and you have the perfect accessory.


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Why Should I Consider Buying Pretty Rolls™ Pre-rolled Cones for Myself or Someone Else?

Pretty Rolls

Rolling paper is an essential item in the world of cannabis. It goes without saying that if you're an avid smoker, then you should consider investing in Pretty Rolls™ for yourself or someone else.

Because rice paper is so naturally thin, you may think these pre-roll cones aren't for you if you're a novice smoker. However, Pretty Rolls™' smoking cones make it easier to feel like a master hand joint roller for those ready to take their smoking experience to the next level.

Lastly, Pretty Rolls™ are a whole feminine vibe. The winner of Cann I Work’s PuffNPretty giveaway on the Relevnt app, put it the best after she tried Pretty Rolls™.

PuffN Pretty

5 Pretty Rolls™ Pre-rolled Cones Tips To Ensure The Perfect Roll Every Time!

What you'll need:

  • The plant

  • PuffNPretty™ Rolling Tray or Clean Surface

  • PuffNPretty™ Grinder

  • Pretty Rolls™ Cones

  • Plastic tube from cone pack

  • Lighter

  • Ashtray

1. Obtain quality herbs

We recommend as a good place to start to obtain your MMJ recommendation. is an online platform that connects patients with MMJ doctors. During your visit, you will be able to share your physical and mental needs with the doctor. In the end, the doctor will provide you with a treatment plan including a list of strains for your conditions.

Then, visit a local or an online dispensary. We recommend Be Pain Free Global. Be Pain Free Global is an online dispensary to help people bring their bodies and minds back to perfect health. Make sure your recommended strain is compatible with your needs. Are you looking for a strain for daytime or nighttime use? Does Indica or Sativa interest you?

Be Pain Free Global also has 24-hour chat services to help you with your shopping needs.

2. Grab all items that you need

Start with Pretty Rolls™ Pre-rolled Cones. Next, grab your PuffNPretty™ rolling tray that will act as your workstation. If you have a PuffNPretty™ grinder, you will break down the herb to create a better texture for pressing up against the delicate paper. Let's not forget your trusty lighter.

PuffN Pretty

3. Gently shake the cone to settle the herb.

Pretty Rolls™ comes with a small plastic tube to keep its shape. You can use this tool to scoop in and evenly pack the pre-roll cone as you fill it. To avoid any significant bits of plant matter that would be too rough on your throat, gently shake the cone to settle the herb.

4. Twist the tip between your thumb and pointer finger.

The widest tip of the Pretty Rolls™ cone should be left empty so that you can close it. Twist the tip between your thumb and index finger in one direction so that it rounds the top and takes on a candlewick form. When you've done that, make sure that there's enough wick at the top for you to light it.

5. Pat yourself on the back! You just made a quality joint!

This is the end-all-be-all! Light the wick, then let it burn to catch the top of the pre-roll. Take a puff like a cigar to make sure that it's burning evenly. Place an ashtray under your joint so to catch any ash that falls.

Now, sit back in luxury and puff pretty like a pro!


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