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Did You Visit These Melanated Businesses at the Texas Hemp Convention 2021?

Participating in a cannabis event is one of the best things aspiring melanated entrepreneurs can do to connect with people who share a passion for herbs.

Not only is it an opportunity to learn from industry experts, but also a way to build relationships that will last a lifetime.

Many of the same entrepreneurs we're at the 2021 Texas Hemp Convention in Dallas, Texas looking to provide their products and services to the community.

Nine melanated businesses that showed up and showed out were PuffN Pretty™, Pretty Rolls™, Toastyy, Cann I Work, Green Influences, Roach and Budd, Texas Cannabis Today, Chef’s Creations, and Soul Grown Farms.

PuffN Pretty™

Leading the list is PuffN Pretty™. PuffN Pretty™ elevates your cannabis smoking experience with their exclusive smoking accessories and merchandise for fellow Canna Mamas and female smokers.

Pretty Rolls™

Following is Pretty Rolls™. Pretty Rolls™ isn’t just a company that sells pretty rice paper smoking cones. Additionally, they create luxury experiences for feminine smokers such as private yoga and blunts events.


Next is Toastyy. Toastyy strives to help you always feel empowered about who you are. Their CBD beauty products are designed to help women shine in their fearlessness.

Cann I Work

Fourth up is Cann I Work. Cann I Work is a blog that’s passionate about black and brown entrepreneurs. They work with cannabis brands to create blog posts, reviews, social media posts, and more.

Green Influences

The fifth is Green Influences. Green Influences' commitment is to the community living a more natural lifestyle. They believe customers deserve the highest level of service, and they are driven to provide just that.

Roach & Budd™

Pulling up is Roach & Budd™. Roach & Budd™ brings hilarious light to the cannabis industry through entertainment. But it isn’t just any brand, they are a family helping to do their part in the fight to break stigmas.

Texas Cannabis Today

Then there's Texas Cannabis Today. Texas Cannabis Today is an Austin, Texas-based online publication. They aim to amplify cannabis education and voices across the Lone Star State.

Chef's Creations

The eighth is Chef’s Creations. Chef’s Creations focus’ heavy on combining CBD with quality ingredients and techniques that enhance food flavor for health and healing.

Soul Grown Farms

Finally, Soul Grown Farms was in the building. Soul Grown Farms are family-owned commercial hemp harvesters specializing in high-quality CBD, CBG, and CBN. Accordingly, they put their soul into making each product.

In a Nutshell

If you're aspiring to enter the cannabis space, tap into these melanated businesses online. Then reach out to them on social media for advice on how they have successfully navigated the industry so far.

Did you visit them at the Texas Hemp Convention in Dallas, Texas? Let us know about your experience in the comments below.


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