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Here is Why Everyone Should Have PuffnPretty Smoking Sets in Their Life

Updated: Jan 17, 2022

I am going to get straight to it. The best smoking accessories are the Pretty Smoking Tray and Grinder Set. The Pretty Smoking Set is the namesake and flagship product of the Puffn Pretty brand.

New states are legalizing cannabis for recreational use every year. Its little wonder smoking accessories are in significant demand. It's not just the stereotypical "stoner" either- people of all walks of life are turning to stylish accessories to match cannabis's posh status. The right piece can elevate smoking to a luxurious experience.

Puffn Pretty accessories are my absolute favorite because they are lightweight, durable, and easy to clean. They are also a convenient size for any smoking situation, from group sessions to solo puffing. And if this wasn't enough for you, check out even more reasons why this smoking set should be your new favorite!

What is Puffn Pretty?

Puffin Pretty is a Dallas, Texas-based cannabis smoking accessory brand and community for fellow Canna Mamas and female smokers. They strive to elevate your smoking experience with exclusive branded accessories and merchandise.

Puffn Pretty's purpose is to support and help change the stigmas around women who smoke weed. They want women who smoke to feel comfortable and confident in their decision and free from judgment's stigma.

Founder and CEO Tracey Schultz is an African-American woman and an advocate for cannabis. She adds a unique perspective to the industry because she uses cannabis to manage her multiple sclerosis symptoms. Queen Tracey is determined to show up in the industry as her best self, dedicated to total well-being with two princesses as her motivation.

What Are Smoking Accessories?

Cannabis can be enjoyed in a plethora of ways, including through edibles and topicals. However, the most common way to enjoy it is by smoking it.

Smoking accessories (also known as smoking devices) come in all shapes and sizes, with the most innovative styles to enhance your puffing pleasure.

From grinders to blunt holders, accessories are becoming more fashionable statements than a decade ago. The world of cannabis products could take over drinking-inspired decor such a portable bars, martini glasses, and wall art.

Here are a few must-have smoking accessories to keep on deck:

  • Lighter

  • Grinder

  • Tray

  • Rolling papers

  • Storage case

Cannabis businesses like Puffn Pretty help normalize weed into your daily life by celebrating the culture rather than hiding it.

What Are Smoking Sets?

A Puffn Pretty smoking set comprises accessories for people who want to roll and smoke their flower on the go or in a space where it's unsuitable. The point of smoking sets is to create a workspace with all of your wellness essentials within arms reach.

It also never hurts for your smoking set to be attractive to the eye. Smoking trays, blunt holders, or grinders can make for a good conversation piece when and if you entertain fellow puffers.

Four Reasons Pretty Smoke Sets Should Be Your Favorite Accessories

Smoking Sets Offer Piece of Mind

Smoke sets may be high-touch surfaces. Therefore routine sanitation is needed to reduce the risk of contracting viruses. While CDC guidelines say the surface transmission of coronavirus is unlikely, Pretty Smoking Set's metal material makes for an easy wipe down with an alcohol pad. It will give the item a lovely shimmer while adding extra peace of mind.

Puffn Pretty Smoking Sets Are Empowering

Women are often ridiculed for their smoking habits. They make you feel just what they say - pretty while puffing. This new brand aims to break down the stigma against smoking women. They are working hard to create a positive image that will counteract society's negativity about us.

The Pretty Smoke Trays Make Rolling Up Your Puff Much Easier

The flat metal base makes it stable on most surfaces. A benefit of a tray is it catches nugget crumbs while emptying your flower. You can find Pretty Smoking Trays in various colors, so it is easy to find one right for your lifestyle.

Pretty Grinders Will Transform Your Smoking Experience

They are highly durable and perfect for grinding up fresh flowers to a fine consistency. Here is how a four-piece grinder looks:

  • Top magnetic layer.

  • Sharp teeth to grind the herb

  • Pollen screen to catch the herb particles that fall beneath it

  • Base chamber to hold the kief


Shop Puffn Pretty Now!


In Conclusion

Many women are searching for the perfect smoking set for their style and are overwhelmed with endless options. Puffn Pretty is a brand that provides a one-stop-shop to elevate any smoking experience in class. They make it more comfortable to master the art of rolling by giving space to perfect our craft by keeping what we need right where we would like it. They have everything. So - stop wasting time looking for smoking sets online and get it at


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