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Who's PuffN Pretty in the City? Astro JaJa - The Hottest HoodNigga Princess on Chasing Reality TV

From Greensboro, North Carolina by way of Tennessee now living in Dallas, Texas, Astro Jaja is a one-of-a-kind artist who is using his unique talents to make a name for himself in the world of cannabis, and creativity.

His sold-out show Astro and Friends Dallas Takeover collaboration with PuffN Pretty let the 214 know he ain’t playing with none of y’all!

So you know - When Astro’s in the building, the party just got started!

We popped off the show with a game of Would You Rather?

Would You Rather?

Q: Smoke a blunt with Snoop Dogg or Lil Nas X?

A: I Love Lil Nas X boots, but on my bucket list is to smoke-a big-ass Phonto with Snoop Dogg. That's legendary.

How Has Cannabis Helped You as a Creative?

It helped me focus ‘cause I had to focus problem. 300,000 thoughts at once. All creative thoughts and I'm trying to cycle through them.

It’s like 300 tabs open. It helped me focus and figure out what I wanted to do creatively.

How Do You Use Cannabis For Self-care?

Self-care and spirituality. As I got a little older on my spiritual journey, weed helped me meditate. It helped me connect with the universe, I felt like I could learn and I could be grounded. I can say it keeps reinventing itself.

Not only does Astro Jaja have a passion for art and “commurnity”, but he also has an incredible mission to inspire and motivate others to make moves to achieve their dreams.

Tell Us About How You Got Started With Chasing Dallas.

What I like to do is manifest when I'm high. So speaking of my interest, this is what I want. I moved to Dallas and there's this reality show called Chasing Atlanta I knew about when I was 15 or 16.

I stumbled upon Chasing Dallas at that point season 3 was coming out.

I'm watching season 3 and I'm telling myself, I will be on season 4. I go to the audition and ace the audition. I get on the show.

It's so good for a creative being on a platform like Chasing Reality because it is the number one under the category of queer or gay web reality.

Being the number one platform has opened so many doors and it has allowed me to talk to so many people.


Astro is prepping to bring the house down with his Dallas Takeover Event with PuffN Pretty and Creative Juices.


Keep It Pretty

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